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stainless steel no.1 coil

For the No.1 stainless steel coil, the origin is very important. Basically, You can classify the origin into private mills and governmental mills.  For No.1, TISCO BAOSTEEL ZPSS is always the best mill with the best guarantee and service however, some private mills also start to compete with governmental mills, which are much cheaper than …

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No.4 Stainless Steel Coil

We use time-saving imported machinery to process No. 4 polished stainless steel rolls. We will use brushed stainless steel plate in the decoration industry, according to different machinery and origin, its quality will be different. Grit: #180, #240, #320, #400  PE/LSF Film: Novalcel 4228, Novalcel 4287, Polifilm.  Black PE, Blue PE.    

HL Stainless Steel Coil

We also call HL stainless steel roll for hairline stainless steel roll. It has a particle size range of 180-320. We use it for lifts, kitchen renovations and so on. Free samples are available. please email us: [email protected]

Stainless Steel 2B Coil

For 2B Stainless Steel Coil, Origin Is Very Important. Basically, You Can Classify The Origin Into Private Mills And Governmental Mill.  For 2B, The Mainstream Market Is From Private Mills Due To Lower Cost, The Mills Are Delong, Beibuwan, Hongwang, Tsingshan.  For Governmental Mills, TISCO, BAOSTEEL, ZPSCO, Their Quality Is Relatively Better, The Surface Is …

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Stainless Steel BA Coil

Stainless Steel BA Coil is produced by a Bright Annealing process, which is definitely double side.In the market, there are normally 2 mills that are expertise in producing BA surface coil, 430BA by Chaoyang mill. 304BA by BAOSTEEL. Shuoyang mill is a private mill, whose quality is not in perfect condition, but the price is …

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jlinstainless coil

cold rolled stainless steel coil

We have many kinds of cold-rolled stainless steel rolls. Different kinds of plates also have their own unique advantages. Cold-rolled stainless steel coils look beautiful. It has the characteristics of a smooth surface in use, and its plasticity is strong. In addition, We use it to make all kinds of stainless steel paper products. Cold-rolled …

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