stainless_category: Special Alloy

Hastelloy c-2000

Nickel, molybdenum, chromium, and other elements compose the alloy C-2000 Hastelloy, with a nickel content of about 55%. It can withstand a wide range of oxidizing and nonoxidizing chemicals. It also has excellent resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion in chlorides and other halides. Alloy C-2000 alloy has been listed in ASME and ASTM standards …

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Alloy 718/GH 4169

Inconel 718 tube containing precipitation hardening type molybdenum alloy, niobium, so nickel-chromium below 650℃ high strength, good toughness, good corrosion resistance, high temperature, also and low-temperature environment. The supply state can be a solution treatment or a precipitate-hardening state. Features of Alloy 718: 1. End processability2. High tensile, fatigue, creep, and fracture strength as low …

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Alloy 600/GH 3600

High-temperature corrosion-resistant alloy refers to a kind of metal material with nickel, paste, or cobalt as the matrix, which can withstand complex and harsh mechanical stress under high-temperature environments and also has good surface stability. High-temperature corrosion-resistant alloys generally have high room temperature and high-temperature strength, good oxidation and thermal corrosion resistance, excellent creep and …

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